Mac OS X for Education Institutions

The wait is almost over. Mac OS X will be available very soon (beginning to ship the weekend of March 24th) and now's the time to make sure you'll be among the very first to begin using the world's most advanced operating system on your Mac. Place your order now and we'll ship it to you the second it's available.

Apple will give priority to Consumer, Education Individual and Education Institution customers who place their Mac OS X orders on the Apple Stores before March 14, 2001. Delivery of Mac OS X will begin on Saturday March 24 for home delivery, and on Monday, March 26 for institutions.

NOTE: If you purchased Mac OS X Public Beta on the Apple Store or by placing a direct order, and believe that you will be eligible for the $30 discount via electronic coupon, you may consider waiting to order until the eCoupons are released on March 1, 2001. If you purchase from a campus reseller, please contact them. eCoupons can ONLY be used at the time of purchase.

NOTE: There is no advantage for customers placing their orders before March 1. All institution orders (standard orders or those applying the eCoupon discount) placed by March 14 will be scheduled to be delivered the week of March 25.

$30 Discount on Mac OS X - for purchasers of Mac OS X Public Beta.
To thank early adopters, who ordered the Mac OS X Public Beta, for their time and feedback, which was invaluable in the development of the final product, Apple will offer a $30 online, single-use discount on Mac OS X, valid for a limited time.

Beginning March 1, institution customers who purchased the Mac OS X Beta product on the Apple Store or by ordering direct will receive single-use online electronic coupons reflecting their special discount, valid for a limited time. eCoupons will be accepted from institution customers until March 31. eCoupons must be used at the time of purchase of Mac OS X. The eCoupon discount cannot be applied to previous orders of Mac OS X.

Customers will be able to take advantage of their discounts instantly via the Apple Store for Education by clicking their electronic coupons. Apple recommends that, since Mac OS X will not ship until March 24, to avoid ship-complete issues, Mac OS X purchases be placed on a separate order.

Customers who purchased multiple-unit quantities of Mac OS X Public Beta will receive coupons valid for the same purchase quantity of Mac OS X.

For institutions that purchased Mac OS X Public Beta online, the coupons will be sent to their authorized purchaser email addresses. Once the authorized purchaser receives the coupon via email, you can purchase Mac OS X online by simply clicking on the coupon that will be sent to you.