Thank you for choosing the Apple Online Store for Education.

From this store you are able to browse Apple’s product catalog and build a quote/proposal. Schools with an authorized purchaser may submit a quote/proposal to their purchasing department where the authorized purchaser can complete the purchase upon institution approval of your request. Authorized purchasers may only make purchases through the authorized purchaser store.

Please note that features and content in below help areas will not always apply to every Apple online store. Product content may vary on different stores depending on your institution’s requirements.

What is an Apple Authorized Purchaser?

In order to make purchases on the Apple Online Store for Education, Apple must be able to verify you are authorized by your institution to encumber funds on behalf of the institution. Authorized purchasers are able to check out (purchase) quotes/proposals that have been submitted by other employees of an institution. Purchases may be made with a valid purchase order number or PCard. The Authorized Purchaser role is best suited for someone in the institutions' purchasing department. To request Authorized Purchaser access for your institution, go to the following link:

What if I don’t know my Apple customer account number?

Please contact your Apple Account Executive or call our toll free Sales Support at 1-800-800-2775 for assistance.

I am an authorized purchaser and cannot access the purchaser link.

If you do not recall the password that you entered when registering, please email and request a password reset.

My Authorized Purchaser Link is attached to an Education Custom Store with high security and I cannot login.

Please make sure that you are accessing your Custom Store Authorized Purchaser link behind your institutions firewall. If you are still experiencing issues, please email Apple Education Custom Stores for assistance.

How do I find proposals that have been submitted to me?

Authorized purchasers can search by date range and Apple Customer Account Number or by date range and email address of the person who submitted the quote/proposal.