You can send in your proof of eligibility before or after you have called to place your order. We will need you to email us:

  1. The Proof of Academic ID form.
  2. Your Academic Photo ID (Additional corroborating evidence may be needed).

Valid forms of student/faculty identification:


Students must provide a valid, current student ID that includes the following 4 items:

  1. Your name
  2. The name of your school
  3. Validity date(s) (Dates reflecting current year and semester)
  4. A photo

If the student does not have a current student ID with required names, date, and photo, the student must instead provide a valid photo ID, and corroborating evidence of current enrollment (2008):

If the student is under the age of 18 and enrolled at a higher education institution (K-12 students are ineligible) and does not have a valid current Student ID with photo or credit card, the person purchasing the product for the student must provide a valid current photo ID and corroborating evidence of student's eligibility:

Teaching Staff

Members of teaching staff must provide the following 2 items:

  1. A valid photo ID
  2. Corroborating evidence of employment at a qualified institution:

Home Schooling

Those who are home schooling must provide a valid photo ID, and a copy of one of the following: