The discount levels (off RRP) available for you to enjoy include:
Consumer products**: 6%
iPad: 2%
Apple warranty (APP) and software: from 10% to 17%
Pro products**: 8%
Third party products: up to 4%*
(*discounts will vary from different suppliers)
(**There is no discount on iPhone)


Personal Discount: You may purchase or “sponsor” up to three system bundles and up to ten iPods each calendar year (January 1-December 31). “Sponsoring” means placing an order for a family member or friend. No more than two systems or monitors may be shipped each calendar year to the same individual or entity (i.e., company, institution, club or group), whether that purchase is sponsored solely by you or by other eligible employees.

You may not sponsor the purchase of products by any educational institution. A system bundle includes, and is limited to, one CPU, one display (built-in displays count as one display), one AirPort card and one Airport Base station. You do not need to purchase all components of a system bundle at the same time to qualify for the discount.

Other than to the extent that you may sponsor purchases in accordance with these terms, this is not a transferable benefit. You may not use or attempt to use another employee's EPP privileges. You may not resell products purchased through the program for a profit within one year from the purchase date.