Can TimeCapsule be put into bridge mode? Can I avoid a double NAT? My router or PIX will NAT the clients; Can I bridge the connection?

I have a DSL modem which can of course attach to this. Is it only capable of acting as a router or can it be put into bridge mode so I can put my Cisco PIX behind the DSL modem. In this way currently the PIX assigns a DHCP address to attached clients. Nothing is mentioned about this device having firewall capabilities and I require them.

  • Asked by David S from College Park
  • Dec 15, 2009
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QA Apple Time Capsule

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    Yes, very easily. Just go into the manual setup and you will see bridge mode. You can also turn off NAT and the DHCP server so that all the router in the Time Capsule transparently passes everything through. At the same time you can use the wireless capabilities. I have an older model of TC which provides only one wireless network so I have my DSL router do the 802.11g network for devices like the iPhone, and the TC does the 5GHz 802.11n network for my MacBook Air and iMac.

    • Answered by Phillip D
    • Dec 16, 2009