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    It works

    • Written by from OAK BROOK

    I typically use Canon flatbed scanners (LiDE 90, 200, 700F) to scan statements and receipts, and a Lexmark sheet feeder for large scanning tasks. The NEAT device works. It is quick and fairly accurate. It is an excellent size for traveling, and about the size of my emergency umbrella. For receipts where alignment is less of an issue, this is perfect.

    As to accuracy, the combination of the scanner, software, and me yields about a 75% accuracy rate on all data on business cards. I am thoroughly pleased by this accuracy given the wide range of business card layouts and data on cards.

    My only and major frustration is that the OCR function 'corrupts' the data so that Acrobat can not recognize the OCR translation. Once scanned by NeatWorks (the accompanying software), the same image/PDF cannot be later processed by Acrobat's OCR. Thus, IMHO, the NeatWorks OCR has quirks and is much less useful than Acrobat for highlighting, markups, etc.

    NeatWorks might be a useful database for contacts but I've yet to understand how to integrate with Address Book or Entourage.

    Overall, a good tool for the business traveler or first-time scanner. A so-so alternate to desktop sheet-feeder scanners. A must-have for (electronic) document hoarders, retentives, and Type As.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent product

    • Written by from Saint Clair

    I used the product to file copies for taxes that the IRS authorizes as authentic software for such purposes. I was very pleased with the results and also use it to keep recognized legal documents for court purposes for my business. I suggest to those who may have had issues with the process of how to USE the document scanner for business cards might want to actually read the documents included about the instructional function and if that doesn't help, call the help line. The staff was always friendly to me and actually spoke clear English :)

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