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    same issue

    • Written by from Spring hill

    Needed this adapter to stream music in my 2014 BMW. Streaming worked great without my iPhone 5 life-case!!!

    Really???????? I just bought something that makes me have to remove my case to listen to my music?????

    Send me an extension please!

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    Not great for iPhone 6

    • Written by from San Francisco

    The adaptor works but is not well suited for the iPhone 6. The reason is that the phone is curved and the adaptor is straight. The connection is pretty loose and comes out a lot. I would recommend getting the lightening cable adapter if not using with a dock.

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    Helpful but doesn't work with a case

    • Written by from Philadelphia

    it is helpful for the plug, but i can't use it when my iPod has a case on it, which is a disappointment.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    3.5 stars

    • Written by from chula vista

    Bought this so I could play my new gen iPod in my car. I have the 2008 scion tx and it ce with an iPod port with a cable, but ever since apple changed from the 30pin, to the lightning connector, I was not able to play my iPod in my car anymore. (Thanks a lot apple for taking more money out my pocket). Anyways, I bought this and now I can play my iPod in my car..but the sucky part is, this connector doesn't charge my iPod. I thought it would since my 30pin that I connect this adapter to, used to/is able to charge my old iphone(4) and my old gen iPod (the ones before the stupid lightning plug). C'mon apple we pay good, hard earned money for your stuff, at least stop holding out on us. Geez. Anyways, 3.5 stars for this since I can now listen to my iPod in the car.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    nicely portable but doesn't fit with certain phone cases

    • Written by from Jamison

    This is great if you have no case on your phone, or if you have one that has a wide opening at the bottom to accommodate the width of the adapter. Otherwise, this particular adapter will not connect. This is also the case if your phone case is of the thicker more protective variety. There may be a chance it fits with very very thin cases, but I wouldn't risk it. Would probably be better off getting the adapter that has the long cord.

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    Needs refinement

    • Written by from Little Ferry

    This adapter works great, but Apple blew the physical design. As others have stated, it doesn't work with the vast majority of cases. All they had to do was to chamfer/bevel the lightning end of it so that the plug emulated the lightning cable's male end. If they had, this adapter would work with most cases. As it is, the long flat surface offers very little real support anyway - it only limits side-to-side movement and not front-to-back.

    The cable type adapter is a much smarter buy. Apple should make the price for that adapter the same as for this item and they would suffer much less criticism. Lord knows, it can't be more than a dollar difference to make it and I'm sure that the profit for both is quite high.

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    Doesn't work with case

    • Written by from Howell

    Just like everyone else has said, it doesn't work with a case. I even have the Apple case and it doesn't work.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Doesn't Fit with iPhone Leather Case

    • Written by from Clackamas

    If you have a one of the new leather cases for the iPhone 5s, the case blocks the adapter from going in deep enough to connect to the phone. Annoying.

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    Doesn't work with most cases

    • Written by from North Bethesda

    While the adapter works, the only caveat is that if you would like to use a case, you will have to pick a case that DOES NOT cover the bottom of the phone. The adapter is a tad too short to fit and work with cases that have the bottom portion of the phone covered.

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    Doesn't seem to work in my car

    • Written by from Charlottesville

    Just purchased 2 of these since upgrading to the 5S so I could still utilize the multiple "old" 30 pin chargers that I have. I immediately set it up in my car, connecting it to the stock Audi iPod connector in my center console. It charges my 5S but does not seem to connect to the car stereo interface. I will mess around with it some more today, but so far I'm definitely not pleased. Seems pointless if I can't play music through my car system.

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    Doesn't work with Apple's iPhone 5s leather cover

    • Written by from NEW YORK

    I bought this for my iPad Mini. I tried using it with my new iPhone 5s (with the Apple leather case.) But it does not fit. :( Disappointed that I have to buy a extra cable now.

    The leather case takes some time to remove. And I wonder if removing it often will loosen it's tight fit. So I am weary to remove the case every time I need to charge.

    I do like the leather case, however.

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    Using with phone case

    • Written by from MILFORD

    For those having problems using this item with a phone case, i had the same problem. However, by filing the plastic on each side of the lightning connector, I am now able to use it while my phone is in it's case. I hope this information helps.

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    Almost returned as defective

    • Written by from el Centro

    I read the reviews. Some said it would not fit the phone if a cover on it. I tried with a thin bottom of the line Belkin. The adapter would not lock in. Removed the cover and it worked.i will just need to remove when using it. Only using it for car charger at this time.

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    Take off case

    • Written by from Mooresville

    Didn't charge for me on my old iHome until I took off the case, now it works like a charm. Wish it would work with the case on...

  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Incomplete Application

    • Written by from Edmond

    This adapter does not support video output from the iPhone 5! We enjoy buying movies and other videos from iTunes. They download onto the iPhone. I have the adaptor to let me play these videos directly from the iPhone to my large screen TV. Of course the adaptor is older and made for the 30 pin adaptor. So I got one of these lightning to 30 pin adaptors, thinking I'd watch a movie I'd downloaded to the iPhone 5. NOPE! I got the movie sound, but no video! This adaptor does not support video! Now I am angry! I'd like to know why it doesn't support video? Does the lightning connection on the iPhone 5 not support video, or is the adaptor missing a connection that should have been there? This is one big time fail in functionality!

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    Kind of a problem...

    • Written by from Utica

    We bought this when we got the new ipod nano for my sister. We thought it would work for this one charger she has (its like a round ball and the charger part is the width of the ipod touch) and we thought we could use it for her new ipod but since the charger is off center on the ipod nano when we plug this into her radio...well we cant, Its to wide since its off center. So now we cant use it. I thought I could also use it for my ipad mini with our ihome for the ipad but when I put it on there my ipad would lean back really far and It worries me. It looks like it could break off. So it basically serves no use in our house now.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Okay... it does the job but...

    • Written by from Cortland

    Yes this adapter works for the gen 7 Nano, but the lighting adapter is offset on the Nano and plug is centered on the 30 pin part. So if you are using this to enable the use of your gen 7 on an accessory that's gen 6 or lower it will rather annoying. It will sit crooked on your accessory.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Problem with Adapter and MBZ S550

    • Written by from Irvine

    Interesting: 30 pin works fine in 2013 MBZ S550 with old iPod. 8 pin Adapter shuts down about every 30 seconds and recycles with iPodTouch. Any clue if this is an adapter issue or an MBZ issue or even a a Touch issue?

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Useable, but irritating

    • Written by from Mentor

    It works perfectly well, but doesn't fit with a number of cases. Many iPhone 5 cases have pieces across the bottom so the wide adapter doesn't fit. I only have it in my car so its bearable, I just have to remove my case while I use it. Had I known beforehand I would have gotten the cord adapter. I recommend getting it instead if you plan on using it very often. Its $10 more, but I think worth not having to deal with your case every time you plug it in.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    OK, but...

    • Written by from Baltimore

    My 7th generation iPod Nano has the lightning connector on the bottom right, so if you use this adapter, it's not centered beneath the Nano, making it impossible to use in my existing dock.

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