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    • Written by from NEW YORK

    this thing breaks itself exposing the wire making you pay an extra 100 dollars every year and a half

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    The best charger of any device I have ever owned!

    • Written by from Edgerton

    I have owned several PC's in the past 8 years of my life, all having a traditional power plug, a couple even charged by high power USB (netbook). And I have to say that 4 our of the 5 laptops I owned, they where replaced because of a broken power jack.

    I spent way more on 2 years worth of laptops than the 2 years I have owned my MacBookPro (Maxed Specs). Mainly because of the well build and the MagSafe 2 adapter.

    I can understand some of these people who are laying their mac on their beds and its getting disconnected, but in my professional IT opinion, if it was a PC with a standard jack, it would have been broken already. I think the only time I really use my laptop plugged in is on my desk at work. And then I just leave my charger in my bag because my laptop will last 5-6 hours on battery. Plenty of time for me to use my laptop for anything on the go, and I am a graphic designer and IT specialist.

    For those who are complaining about the fraying insulation on the outside of the brick and by the head, I have never had this happen. I personally have had this happen on the old 30-pin iPhone charger/sync cable. The thing I tell people is if you charge your phone at night before bed, and maybe in the car on your way home from work it will save your cable from fraying and battery life.

    (I personally can make it the WHOLE day before needing to charge it again, that's with facebook, spotify streaming, texting, and then watching netflix/hulu). I would try and get your phone to 1-2% before charging it again, it saves the battery life.

    ANYWAYS, the point I'm making is I learned by not using my devices plugged in, it saved their battery and charger cables.

    Fact: More laptops that come through my office for repair or replacement are from broken powerjacks than anything else.
    Fact: Since MagSafe, I have never had a Mac come in my office other than for updates or user training.
    Fact: MagSafe disconnects easy, but at the point where a normal powerjack would have broken. ($$$$$$$$ Well spent Apple, thanks :)
    Fact: If you use the adapter as intended it will not fray and your battery will not go bad.

    Lie: The MagSafe disconnects to easy.
    Lie: Its alright to buy a refurbished replacement on ebay/amazon. (3 out of 4 I bought for replacements on ebay as "official" where not, one fried the power bored.)
    Lie: MagSafe 1 was better than 2.

    Lie, sadly: iPhone/iPad will be getting a MagSafe. (There are adapters you can buy that are!)

    I hope this helps guys.

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    Solution for the rip?

    • Written by from Beavercreek

    The cord naturally twists itself, and eventually the cord rips exposing the wire. My second charger ripped today, and ive only had this computer 3 years. I can not afford to keep spending eighty dollars evey year. There really needs to be a solution made, because this is by far not the first negative review, with the same problem.

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    Not especially pleased

    • Written by from LOS ANGELES

    My only complaint about the 85W MagSafe 2 Power Adapter is that the rubber insulation on the cable leading from the T-connection to the adapter "burns" off in just a few months, leaving the adapter's internal metal cable exposed and creating a potential fire hazard. A real drag, I must say!

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    "T" shaped adapter is the worst idea ever Apple ever adopted.

    • Written by from Charlotte

    If you're using your macbook pro on...oh, say...your lap (it is a laptop computer anyway)...the t-adapter is not only in the way, but becomes constantly disconnected. apple did a great thing to go with the "L" shaped adapter, only to go back to the [much-worse] "T" shaped adapter. Very unhappy with Apple's decisions in the post-Jobs era. Seems like everything is getting just a bit worse little-by-little.

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    Disappointing cable

    • Written by from Coventry

    I travel every week for business and often am working solely from my Mac book. Despite all of the negatives regarding the magnet, I have no problem with it. The cable however is another story. It does not hold up to repeated rewinding for storage. For home use it would probably be fine but I wind and unwind 4-6 times a day and am waiting for the cable to just break off. Less of a concern but a related issue is that I developed a wear through spot mid cable. The only way that could have happened is from friction while in a padded laptop bag.
    Weak points like this are not worthy of such a good product as the Mac Book

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    Terrible adapter that now costs more?

    • Written by from London

    I'd like to reiterate what everybody else has said about the connector falling out constantly. Annoying doesn't even begin to cover it. Also, I see I'm not the only one who has experienced fraying near the magnetic connector point. I had to replace the adapter after only one year. I've been keeping the fraying connecter at school so that I don't have to ever move it. However it has recently begun sparking, so I know I'll have to buy another adapter to use at school. I'm afraid to move the one that I keep at home, in case it starts fraying too. I just checked online, and I see the price has gone up to $100 from the $80 that they used to be. Silly me for thinking that a laptop and its accompanying power adapter should be portable. I feel like I need to keep a separate adapter in each of the places where I work. Apple, you really are starting to make me feel like an idiot for buying your products.

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    Cable winding clip broken

    • Written by from Vallejo

    I hardly even use this charger as my MacBook is attached to a display and uses its charger. This MagSafe 2 power adapter is less than two years old and one of the doohickies used to wrap the charging cord around has broken. For the price, this is something that should be made to last longer than the computer.

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    Short life

    • Written by from Miami

    I've got my MBP late 2013 less than 2 years ago and the power supply is gone.
    I've checked it with a specialist and the main IC that controls the voltage together with a SMD resistor was blown up. I cannot see the IC model therefore cannot be replaced.
    The power supply is always connected to my UPS therefore there is no chance of power surge.

    This was the last thing I was expecting from a MAC power supply.
    I have an HP DV5 for 6 years now and still works completely.

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    Be careful with these things.

    • Written by from NR

    I'm buying my third one. This time I'll reinforce the cord before it starts to break. At least I learned my lesson. The neck of the charger frays so easily. Yes, part of it is that I am an idiot, but the other part is that these things are way too fragile. If I'm going to pay 80 dollars for a charger, I think I deserve a product that can take a bit of wear and tear. Its not like I'm abusing the thing, but I take my computer many places and the charger follows. It doesn't travel well. It starts tearing way to fast. I think Apple could easily make a better charger.(but why do that when your product costs 80$, needs to be replaced every 6 months and your customers are loyal and don't have an alternative, right?)
    On a positive note, it charges nicely and doesn't over-heat too easily.

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    Why yes, this is built like cheap junk

    • Written by from New Paltz

    Sure the electronics are great and provide what I'm sure is stable power.
    The cable is pure garbage. Just bought yet another one after the last one ceased to function without vinyl tape holding it together at just-the-right angle.

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    • Written by from Muncie


    THREE TIMES I have had to purchase NEW power adapters all because the CABLE MELTED. Why replace the whole thing when it is only the cable that needs replacing? Why make the customer pay $80+ dollars for a whole new adapter when a cable would be less than a tenth of that cost? This is totally absurd. Pull your head out of your rear, Apple. Most professional equipment out there has SEPARATE & DETACHABLE power cables precisely for this reason!! Design a new adapter that has cables that you can replace without having to wastefully replace expensive working components just because a cheap cable melted. Sheesh....

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    Bad design

    • Written by from Anchorage

    Falls out of half of the electrical outlets I try to plug it in to.

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    It's a good product, decent implementation.

    • Written by from Bayside

    The magnetic release has saved my laptop several times, with pets and kids. It isn't perfect, and it isn't cheap, but it's only a bit expensive and you get that peace of mind. Are we all so spoiled that we can't remember how it was like in the old days of dropped computers and broken ports. I've replaced a MagSafe (old style) and the Apple store in Manhasset didn't even charge me. I've also replaced laptop motherboards from two other manufacturers after the charging ports broke from yanking. Guess which I'd rather do again?

    They aren't perfect, again, but given that you need to plug your computer in once in a while, it is likely the best we can do with today's technology.

    Currently I'm using a year-old MagSafe 2 that has not frayed like my last Macs', and I use it every day and am rough with it (one of the wings has snapped off!) and it still holds up. If you take care of it and not try to use it under the covers of your bed or in a moving vehicle (as one reviewer complained!) you're going to be fine with it. If it fails, you can return it anyway or go to an Apple store to plead your case. Unless it is smashed they'll just replace it for you.

    Really, all this dislike. What are you guys doing with these things?

    Oh, and make sure you have an official Apple charger before complaining here. There are $50 counterfeits all over eBay and the Amazon marketplace. Google it, some have disassembled the frauds and exposed the inferior and dangerous components within. An official Apple made charger shouldn't break in six months unless you dropped it or got it wet.

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    Cheaply Made.

    • Written by from Rochester

    It charges the computer but you have to make sure you don't do anything with the computer or it will fall out. Seriously any little movement will knock this thing right out of the charge port. It's frustrating. Not only that but the cord is so cheaply made! Mine frayed and broke within a couple of weeks and it was neatly plugged into the wall the entire time. Using this tiny cable and expecting it to hold up is ridiculous. Though it is frayed, has metal sticking out, and is a HUGE fire hazard, it still works (sometimes). Paying eighty bucks to replace it is an obnoxious price to pay for something so cheaply made.

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    Worst product to be carry Apple logo

    • Written by from Los Angeles

    T style magsafe is worthless. A touch in any direction and it gets detached. The first one's adapter-to-computer cable snapped within 6 months. The second one is already showing signs of wear n' tear. Awful. And what is significantly more frustrating is another gimmick pulled by apple that my older adapters magsafe don't fit the new computers!

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    Truly a step back.

    • Written by from North Hollywood

    I can't believe how easy this thing is to knock out of its socket. I miss the old charger. Everything about this one is a downgrade.

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    Absolutely abysmal

    • Written by from Rijeka

    Having used the adapter for little over 2 weeks, never traveling with it, and using it only to move from kitchen to bedroom, the head's cable already broke. This is ridiculous. I have never seen such flimsy design with anything anywhere.

    At first, the contact started loosing up, with the bulb not turning on from time to time at certain angles. Then, it stopped glowing altogether. After attempting to find the angle under which it would work, it let out a POP sound, the bulb shone briefly with a white (!) light and stopped working altogether. This is not only shoddy, it's dangerous.

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    Absolute Garbage Wasn't this design recalled years ago???

    • Written by from Rockaway Beach, NY

    I am so disappointed in Apple for replacing the L shaped power adapter with a silver version of the one that had been previously recalled. This adapter falls out constantly. The whole point of buying a lap top is being able to use your computer on your LAP. If you attempt to do this with this cord it constantly falls out. Anyone who purchased this should be given a refund!

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    • Written by from montreal

    Really poor quality, so apple unlike. 99$ price tag for an item that so easily 'wears-n-tears' is ridiculous

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