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    Original Battery Finally Has a Replace Message

    • Written by from Orange

    I think I got this wonderful MacBook computer in 2008, and I have been using this on the original battery ever since then. Only now do I have a replace battery message. I have mainly used my battery connected to the charger and quite a number of peripherals like a desktop computer except it is portable. I do hope this computer needs the battery I see available. Fortunately mine was the computer right before the aluminum ones when you could still get a MacBook with the oldstyle FireWire (new ones only need a cable). When I think about it, since it is 2013, I have gotten almost 5 years out of this original battery which is good service. Hope I can stop by the Apple Store and buy a new one tomorrow. $129.00 is a lot, but I guess after 5 years that is good service. I have not taken this on the road with me any so far and have not really tried using it on battery only. Anyway, this has been an ideal computer for me. I did upgrade to System X.6.8 and find this system ideal. I sure hope the other components of this computer will keep on working to make it worth buying a new battery. I really would have bought a 2nd battery long ago if I had traveled with it. I hate to change to a later model because certain programs I use probably won't work with System X.8 like the invoicing program. I hope newer MacBooks are there that have user replaceable batteries like this one, though this will be a first for me. I simply can't complain and have to give this 5 stars because of the battery lasting so long.

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    1500+ cycles

    • Written by from Newport beach

    I have 1520 cycles & 5+ years on my original battery, and it's now failing. I've considered replacing with another brand, but at less than 9 cents per day why mess with it? It'll be nice to get 3.5+ hours on a charge again

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    Good Ole Macintosh:))))

    • Written by from Lakeland

    I have had my 2007 Black Macbook since it came out:) - I am just now seeing a replace soon condition (which still means i have some time) on my original battery..MAN I LOVE MY MAC!

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    1018 cycles

    • Written by from Bend

    I've had my macbook since 2008. The mac just started shutting down on it's own even when it was plugged into the power source. I called the apple store, even though it was out of warranty the guy still talked me through how to find out how many cycles it has been charged. It showed 1018 cycles-which it should really only get 500 cycles. I don't know...I think this is proof enough that these batteries/ computers are amazing. I would always unplug it when it's completely charged, I think that is what prolonged the life of the battery for the past 5 years...

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    Very Good!

    • Written by from BLACK CREEK

    I have had the original battery in my Macbook. Ever since late 2007. And just recently it flashed saying that I will need to replace my battery soon! I'm very impressed with how well this battery lasted, and how well the computer itself is holding up!

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    A Beast!

    • Written by from Buffalo

    The battery is a beast, i've had it in my macbook for 5 years and only now it's holding about an hour and a half charge, and i abused the battery (constant charging, battery drain, improper charge cycles). Holds up as a great product as well as so many other Apple products.

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    2008 original battery showing end of life

    • Written by from newport beach

    I purchased this macbook in 2008 and still have the original battery - now 1316 cycles
    After reading the reviews on this site, I may consider replacing with an aftermarket battery. Apple got the original battery right (4+ years & 1300+ cycles), but I'm not so sure about the Apple replacement product after reading the recommendations when it becomes necessary.

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    apple macbook black battery

    • Written by from Mississauga

    had my black macbook for 4 years now still with original battery and still lasts up to 4 hours on a charge when taking notes. with screen dim and internet off and bluetooth off

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    • Written by from Craig

    works good but takes a while to charge...

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    MacBook 13-inch Black Battery

    • Written by from Tempe

    Contrary to the many other reviews, I have had a great experience with my battery. I bought my MacBook back in July, 2008 and it's still running like it was new, both the MacBook and its battery. Excellent product.

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    Just starting to show its age.

    • Written by from mississauga

    I purchased my Black MacBook in 2008 and I have upgraded the ram and HD, and never had any problems with it. just recently my battery is starting to show its age. I only get two and a half hours of movie watching time on it and four and a half hours of web surfing. I use my computer for work and for personal every day and the power cord has never had any issues nor has the computer itself. I don't know how poorly everyone else treats their computer, but mine is still working like new.

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    5 years and going strong

    • Written by from Knoxville

    Bought this blackmac back in early 2007 Battery has 1124 cycles and has just started telling me to replace soon. I love to run my mac without the cord so I lucked out and charged it fully and discharged it fully MANY times. Now Im finding that it was the perfect way to handle one of these batteries. It still gets over 2.5 hours of life. I can watch a whole movie and never worry about missing the end. The only reason I know i did things right is that I was trying to find out how long I could get out of one of these things only to read other people's mishaps and problems. Man if I can get another one of these batteries I will in a New York second! Problem is that 129.00 is a little steep so I will probably find myself on ebay buying a knockoff and regretting it later. Oh well such is life. Sometimes you get what you pay for and sometimes you don't!

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    4 years strong

    • Written by from Weston

    I bought my laptop before my my freshman year of college in 2007 and I just got a warning telling me to replace my battery soon. It's still at 75% Health and I have no intention of replacing this battery until it lasts less than 2 hours (lasted 3 hours yesterday with very light internet use while using MS Word). Who knows what will go first, the laptop or the battery... All in all, I've had great luck!

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    Good one

    • Written by

    I have had my black macbook since Sept. 2008. The battery is still going strong. It used to have a longer life but I still get at least 2 to 3 hours of it. It is good enough for sending emails out at night, but I definitely agree that to have the battery life last longer, it has to be drained almost fully then charged. Makes the battery life last longer. I hope I get more years out of this battery before I need to buy a new one to replace it.

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    MacBook Batery

    • Written by from Raleigh

    Bought my MacBook at the beginning of college (about 4 years ago) and I still have the same battery. Currently have 1077 cycles on it with 89% battery healthy. Just recently have I noticed it started to not last as long, but it's still good!

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    Three Years and Going Strong....

    • Written by from Essex

    After 670 cycles over three years, this battery is at 88% of capacity - and as I haven't calibrated it in about 2 months, I expect that that number will change slightly upward as it usually does after calibration. I've no complaints with this product and am going to purchase another when the day comes that it's finally necessary. So... Mr./Ms. Apple, DO NOT change this product in any way, it's great the way it is. If you have to charge more keep it the same, it's OK I'll pay it.

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    Still kicking after 3 years

    • Written by from Great Falls

    I bought my Macbook 3 years ago and the battery has only just now started to lose it's charge rather quickly. I would recommend this to friends, in fact I have!

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    3 years old

    • Written by from Honolulu

    The original 3 year old battery on my black macbook still holds a great charge. Last flight I watched two full length movies and then looked at iPhoto pic's before the battery was drained. Once you go black, you never go back.

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    Great Battery!

    • Written by from Midland

    My original battery that came with the macbook (late 2006) just now died on me. It went for 1,089 cycles, and the manufacturer's warranty is 300. Not too shabby!! Even up to the point where it no longer held a charge, it still would last a few hours which is excellent after 4 years of tough use.

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    Awesome Battery!

    • Written by from Wakefield

    I had over 1500 charge cycles on this battery before I had to replace it. Just bought another, I have 35 on the new one and so far everything is great.

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