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    Great keyboard. No issues with cracking screen.

    • Written by from Irvine

    I'm guessing the person who cracked their iPad Mini screen didn't put the hinge down. There's a mult-angle hinge that holds the iPad and you need to put it down so it's flush with keyboard when storing the iPad and keyboard together. If you don't, it'll stick out and put pressure on the screen, likely cracking it. The keyboard is quite solid, so I don't see any other way the keyboard could crack the screen.

    Yes, the keyboard is a little small and a bit cramped. I have smaller than average hands for a male, so it's fine for me. If you have large hands, the keyboard may be too small for you. Things to note: "tab" is not a dedicated key, but is shared with the letter "q"; you hit "fn" then "q" to activate tab, Keys aren't loud which is nice if you're using it take notes and whatnot. Build quality is great. Overall, I recommend this keyboard. ��

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Product is good - warning on using it as a cover

    • Written by from Lisbon

    I bought this for my ipad mini that had a apple case I kept it in. With this I didn't need the case as the screen is protected by the keyboard cover.
    Easy to set up and use, the keyboard connected to the device, and I used it for a month, always closing it without a problem. We travel and I put in in a protective sleeve and placed it in my carryon. When I got there, the screen was cracked in several places. While this is great with no pressure on it, any pressure on the cover, the keyboard will crack your ipad screen. Lucky for me it still works, but has a cracked screen, I carry the keyboard separate now and the ipad with the shattered screen is in the old apple case, that does protect it. Over $200 to replace the screen - since it still works I will wait a few years, and put the money toward a new version when it comes out.

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