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    Very Nice Battery.

    • Written by from Hercules

    I like this battery case and storage. I like its feel in my hand and its looks. You do notice the weight difference but it's battery so what are you going to do. The one thing I would prefer that Mophie change is its charging connector from a micro-USB to a lighting connector. I travel a bit and really do not like carry duplicate cables and connectors for the different equipment I take with me. I've pretty much converted to Apple products so the lighting connector is my preferred between my iPhone and iPad. I don't see why they chose a micro-USB when this case is not compatible with any other phone. I gave four stars for my rating only because of that connector and the prospect of forgetting to pack it and then having to buy one to use for a single trip.

    I haven't really tried to extra storage yet so i may be updating this in the future.

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