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    AWESOME headphones

    • Written by from Geogria

    The upbeats are the best headphones I had out of beats by Dre. They are light and it's sound is really amazing, specially on the airplane, it will not hurt my ears and my other beats does hurt after awhile. The best the about these is that they are small, unlike other headphones hard to put it in the bag or whatever, these you can just put them in your pocket like a cellphone. I took 1 star off because is made out of the same material as iPhone 5 or 5s so is really easy to get scratch and the paint will come off so take good care of them or if you really worry about it, you can get the white upbeats they don't have paint and is just white so it will never get scratch.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great but there is a flaw!

    • Written by from thousand oaks

    I have three pairs of urbeats, my first pair (red/black) worked great for a while, I only used them from time to time and they ALWAYS stayed in the case that they came with unless being used. After having them for about 8 months, they started to have static and after a day or so, the left ear completely stopped working. (Keep in mind, they were very well taken care of, never dropped, swung, and the wires were in mint condition) The earbuds look to be brand new, but they aren't even usable. I then purchased the space gray urbeats to match my new iPhone 5S, and I've only used them twice. They still work great, and I hope they stay that way. I received the blue urbeats as a gift and have not used them yet, and I also hope they work and never fail! I have a pair of beats tour earbuds, which stopped working and they had the same treatment as my original urbeats, I had them replaced and the replacement pair stopped working after a week! And the replacement pair was used ONCE! They just started to get static and then they died. I love beats, but I have had many issues, they are amazing while they last. Be sure to take pictures of your beats every now and then to be able to prove that you treated that well, just in case that you have to have them replaced. Keep your receipt!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's the major thing, or your return or exchange will be a nightmare and nearly impossible!!!!

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