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    • Written by from Austin

    I just got the product today. I was a bit hesitant about getting it, but it was only $17.99 and it was for 2. So I thought, why not? If I'd messed up on the first one, I'd at least get a second try. I WAS A BIT DISAPPOINTED ON ONE THING, AND THE THING IS THAT, THE STICKER TO GET ALL THE DUST OFF, IT WAS DAMAGED OR IN OTHER WORD, NOT FUNCTIONING PROPERLY. WHEN I PEELED THE STICKER TO START GETTING THE DUST OFF MY IPHONE. IT DIDN'T COME OFF, It was like it was already used, the STICKYNESS on the sticker was not on there at all. Maybe I got the bad package with the bad sticker issues, it must kinda like maybe the glue on the sticker was dryed up so it didn't stick at all. BUT ANYHOW THAT WAS THE LET DOWN OF THIS PACKAGE. But everything else worked just fine, I was able to put the film on with ease, no bubble or anything. I was like, this is a lifesaver! I take 5 points off this product, just mainly of the sticker stuff was defective. I would totally recommend this product to a friend. Luckly I had some tape laying to get the dust off my iPhone.

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