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    BUY ME !!!

    • Written by from Haxtun

    Don't even hesitate, buy this device. I've seen transfer speeds approaching 2 gigabytes every 10 seconds. The speeds are truly jawdropping for a device of this size, and if you daisy chain two together you can nearly double that, and if you string 3 together you can finally saturate the thunderbolt bus (approaching 800Megabytes/sec (and THAT's hard to do). And these aren't theoretical maximums like USB, you can really see this transfer rate.

    The Thunderbolt cables may be overpriced but the bus is the real deal. You can get refurb's of this for a little cheaper but bottom line if you want peripheral storage at internal speed, this is the ticket. Even your Time Machine backups will go at light speed.

    My suggestion, make this your main archive drive, and connect some cheaper/slower (USB3 etc) drive as a failsafe that can be scheduled to backup this drive every night. Should be awfully hard to have data loss in that arrangement, yet still have onboard SSD speed access to your data at all time. This literally is fast enough to run multiple uncompressed streams of HD video and is fast enough for you video encoders.

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