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    10TB 5 big crashes again

    • Written by from Irvine

    I am on my second 10TB 5 big unit. The second unit is now showing me a failed disc #4 and I am not sure what I will do. I used Raid 0 which the unit came with the first time round but if just one disc goes down then your toast. These units so not appear to be very reliable and I had hoped that when Seagate bought them last year then quality would improve. I am using a Macbook pro OS X 10.9.4 and I also think there is a problem when the computer automatically shuts down because the LaCie always sends a message that the drives were not shut down correctly.

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    Maybe bad unit? Loud buzzing

    • Written by from Kentwood

    Purchased this unit for large data storage. 30 minutes into plugging it in and booting up my LaCie 10TB 5big is making an awful buzzing noise heard over my computer speakers. Will be returning ASAP and getting a PROMISE Peagasus2 as an alternative. Took another chance with LaCie (after poor performance on many models in the past) and will be staying away from brand in the future.

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    Great external storage solution

    • Written by

    I've been very pleased with this drive from day one, it's been working great for me. Easy to setup and easy to use. The fans are quiet and keep the drives inside perfectly cool. The unit delivers seriously fast speeds over Thunderbolt connection, and working directly from it is the easiest thing ever.

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    Beautiful build quality

    • Written by from Winnipeg

    Excellent quality build, quiet fans, super fast transfers , easily put to sleep and awakened, well done LaCie.

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    • Written by from BAYTOWN

    I have had this in use for about 2 weeks and have it set up up as 3 drives Raid 0 and 2 drives Raid 1 and so far it has operated perfectly. Quiet you wont even know it is working except the lights on the front and back light up but no noise. I have the 10T and the speeds are unbelievable comapred to usb3. the thunderbolt is supper fast. I do alot of picture editing with Photoshop CS6 and there is almost no wait time, you give it the commands and it is done. Search time is none existent. Dont know how they hold up to long term use but for now they are flawless and operate just as described, even setting up the Raid array is so easy my pet lizard could do it.

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    Everything they say it is

    • Written by from Austin

    I wouldn't say "and more" because it's exactly what they say it is. High performance Thunderbolt interfaced storage with daisy chaining capability.

    What more can you ask for other than an included hardware RAID controller?

    There's the rub, you better like your data just a little (default is five drive RAID-0) and safe elsewhere, or make do with the odd number of drives (3 in RAID-0 and 2 in a mirror set, or 4 in 2 mirror sets with a "spare"...

    ...or use something like MacZFS if you're brave.

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    Fast Elegant Solution

    • Written by from Los Angeles

    ~640mbps read/write on Blackmagic speed tests in RAID 0. If speed & design are important, this is it.

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