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    All reviews were right on....

    • Written by from Waterloo

    if you are using snow leopard OS, but if you have the latest OS (lion) you can't defragment your hard drive at all.

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    Very Pleased

    • Written by from Glendale

    I had a few issues with my i-mac and purchase Drive Genius, I was very please with the product and the support... after a few times back and forth with technical I got my iMac issues resolved and it is now running fine.

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    Magnificent product, knee-jerk support responses

    • Written by from PILESGROVE

    The program is a magnificent gem, but I have two disk-scanning applications (Techtool and Drive Genius} and both report a bad block as having a different block address. I'm reasonably certain it is the same bad block since repeated runs report the same thing. Foolishly, I sent an email to Drive Genius support asking if the block addressing methodology in Drive Genius might possibly be different from the one in Techtool. Drive Genius support gave me a three line answer that had to have been canned. It just described the scanning options that are already described perfectly in the program itself. So, I replied to the canned email one more time with another very clear explanation of what I was trying to find out. I got the same response back a 2nd time. My gut tells me they really didn't read and comprehend my short email. At that point, I just gave up trying to get an answer from support. Maybe I'll bump into the software engineer that designed Drive Genius somewhere on the street someday and I'll ask him then.

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