Will purchasing Mountain Lion and VMware Fusion 5 allow me to complete my late 2012 ATO tax return using pre-fill data?

VMware Fusion 5

VMware Fusion 5

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  • Not really! Let me explain.

    VMWare's Fusion is an emulator, it emulates a x86 computer which the Mac is almost a x86 computer. After Fusion is installed on your Mac your Mac will have the characteristics of a real Windows PC minus Windows.

    Windows XP, 7 or 8 is a product from Microsoft Corporation. Without the Windows product there is nothing Fusion can do. A PC without Windows is just a box of parts. CPU, Hard drive, Power supply, Video card, etc.... Windows tells everything how to behave and work together and then adds a platform to add additional software like Office, Quicken or your ATO Tax return.

    You will need to purchase a Software Package of Windows. Most likely Windows 7 for System Builder Pack. You will have to look on line to find this and it will be confusing. It's like walking into Starbucks and asking for some coffee.

    Here's how things play out.
    You have a Mac (A good one that can run VMware Fusion 4 or 5.
    Then you install VMWare Fusion 4 or 5.
    Then you install Windows 7 (WIN7SBP)
    Then you install 2012 ATO tax return.
    I think this is what you want to do.

    In Summary your have a Windows 7 PC in your Mac capable of running almost any Windows software.

    If I base everything on your question, the answer is NO it will not without an additional purchased of Windows 7. Then it will.

    Hope this helps.