Will I be able to install any 4 (4T hard drive) on this PROMISE Pegasus2 R4 Diskless 4Bay RAID System?, and the final terabyte will be a total of 16T?

PROMISE Pegasus2 R4 Diskless 4Bay Thunderbolt 2 RAID System

PROMISE Pegasus2 R4 Diskless 4Bay Thunderbolt 2 RAID System

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    I installed 4 - 4TB WD Black drives in mind and it works fine so far.

  • Using their live chat I spoke to Pegasus about using drives that I currently own that are on their SATA Drive Compatibility list (Seagate 3T ST3000DM001) but are not on the Older Mac Pro drive list and they said they will not provide support for those drives. I asked how that made any sense as Mac Pro owners (like me) had upgraded to new and larger drives due to need. Plus the new drives are on their SATA Drive compatibility list. Basically made no difference. Their trying to sell the Diskless as a hot swap from your current Mac Pro but only if you have the original Mac Pro disks. Crazy.

  • I believe the answer to your question is yes. Apple is selling 3tb and 4tb drives with the pegasus casing on the drives in the online store for the last version. This leads me to believe that the new version will be able to accept 3tb and 4tb drives, just as its predecessor did.

  • I have 4 x4TB Seagate drives installed in mine. In Raid5 you end up with 12TB storage. The 4th disk is for redundancy to protect your data in case of a single disk failure. It runs very fast as a RAID 5.

  • I have installed some 4TB Seagate Constellation Enterprise drives in the unit and they work perfectly in RAID 0.

  • Yes and No - But follows the rules and yes is the answer.

    Visit the Promise website, download the HDD compatibility list from the support section.
    Make sure you use 4TB HDD's from the certified HDD list. During configuration you want to select RAID 0
    With RAID 0 also known as stripped drives, you will get the max capacity of all HDD's combined together.
    But keep in mind, you will have no data protection or redundancy, if one drive fails, you will lose all your data.

  • I have 4 drives (4TB each) WD Black Caviar. It works fine BUT the speed is extremely SLOW. I used blackmagic speed test and it showed 189 Mb/s writing and 78 Mb/s for reading. I set up Raid 2 now. The optimal speed for this unit should be over 1000Mb/s (Promise told me). I talk to Promise and they told me that I used and unsupported drives. Even those they are Black caviar but the 4TB version is different form 1 Tb version. and also the Seagate 3Tb is not support for the diskless version of Pegasus2. I did what ever they told me to but the speed is still the same.

  • yes I have 4tb drives seagate ones no issues.