What is the best upgrade option for a Time Capsule?

I have a 500GB Time Capsule. With the recent purchase of a second mac I need a lot more backup storage space, so I'm weighing my options. I do NOT want to add more and more devices - I would prefer to either upgrade to a larger hard drive on my existing TC (if possible) or simply upgrade to a newer TC with a larger 2TB drive.

Aside from the above question, I'm also curious if there's a seamless process available to set up the new drive or TC without having to configure all the settings from scratch.

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    First, There is no effective way to transplant TM backups between disks. You risk losing the TM data with the various different methods of doing so but honestly, if you have a second mac, there are more effective alternatives. For instance, if either of your macs are desktops, or if you have a computer that stays in the same place (like home or work)simply adding a larger storage drive to it (or a smaller, faster "OS" or boot drive)would be more effective and efficient. In the case that you add a second internal HD to one of your two macs use the larger of the two as data storage (you can even make a image backup of the os) for either of, or both of your macs data. This along with your time capsule is bordering on being wastefully redundant.
    If you already have a time capsule syncing the data between your two macs, you effectively have 3 copies in two (presumeably) locations. The way time machine works, the amount of storage you throw at it (after the initial full back up), just allows you to go further back in time. The absolute larget HD I would use on a TM disk is slighty larger than the biggest HD on my network and this would only be if literally every single thing on that mac was irreplaceable. If it is just for storage, I would compress the cra pola of the data and keep semi regular backups of it in a different location.
    Lastly you can "hack" a new HD in to a time capsule, but it is not recomended.

  • Im pretty sure your Time Capsule settings get saved on the computer itself. and i think 2 Tb would be a very large amount for a single computer. 1TB is more than enough for me and the family. (5 Computers)