What is the benefit of using the headphone jack in the guitar vs. the one out of my iPad?

It seems like there would be a greater chance for a delay to relay the info from the guitar to the iPad, process it through whatever amps and effects,then back to the guitar and then out to the headphones. As opposed to guitar, to iPad, to headphones right? What's the point of the headphone jack out of the guitar?

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    I have used both and I can tell you there's no delay whatsoever to ruin the experience. They're equally good.

    I guess there is no delay because the guitar uses digital signals to send and receive the sound = USB out > iPad > USB in > Guitar headphone. The digital signal on cable is so fast there is at least virtually no delay.

    The only delays I have experienced so far were using bluetooth speakers and Apple TV on wireless.

    Using the headphone plug of the guitar offers the advantage of having less cables crossing over and having to stand right on top of your iPad or Mac. It's much more comfortable to move around and tidier.

  • I have tried the guitar through the iMac speakers. Using Garageband Chord trainer and playing along with any of the downloaded lessons or when using the built in Guitar Tuner I found no delay at all. One just had to make sure the Monitor Output was set to 'feedback protected' or something like that.

    On the other hand, when I exit the Chord Trainer, open a new song to try playing around with different types of Amplifier, a flanger set up, say, I found there was a delay of maybe one to one and a half seconds.

    This delay was eradicated by swapping the headphones from the iMac to the guitar then going into Garageband preferences and changing the Monitor Output to USB (Guitar).

    Why there was this delay with headphones in the iMac or using the built in speakers when Garageband was in the Record screen but not when in the Chord Trainer, Guitar Tuner or accessing the lessons I'm afraid I don't know. But it's no big deal.

    I wish they hadn't put the USB/Headphone socket on the bottom of the guitar though. It means I can't put the guitar down while it is still connected, not even on a soft cushion, without the mini USB plug getting bent. I can pull out the headphones plug but doing this with the mini USB plug makes Garageband throw a wobbly and I have to either restart GarageBand or, on a bad day, my iMac to carry on. Only a minor issue though.