what is HFS+ hard drive format

HFS+ hard drive format listed as needed to run for Final Draft 8 - how can I check my mac has this format?

Final Draft 8

Final Draft 8

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    By Default, your mac has an extended and "Journaled" hard drive (also known as the format HFS+). You should be good, unless at some point you completely erased your hard drive, and used a windows format or an old mac format. To check, open up disk utility, and in the left hand panel, click on Macintosh HD (or the name of your hard drive). Then look at the bottom of the screen, where it will say Mount Point, format, etc. Where it says format, it should be Extended (and or Journaled), or other wise known as HFS+. If it is not (probably standard), either have a mac genius reformat your hard drive, or do it yourself by using install disks that came with your computer and an external hard drive (be careful, to much tinkering will loose your data!)