Twelve Sourth 11" BookBook For MacBook Air Cover. Can the MacAir be used for extended periods of time "in" the cover without an overheating concern

Twelve South 11" BookBook for MacBook Air (2nd Gen.)

Twelve South 11" BookBook for MacBook Air (2nd Gen.)

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    My only experience in the first few hours of use is that 1) doing normal stuff, web browsing, email, youtube, etc. you'll have no problem (it gets warm, but not warmer than with normal use), however..... 2) I also tried out Starcraft 2 and the battery died in about an hour and the machine was SUPER hot. Nothing bad happened, and I'm not an expert, but yeah, the thing gets hot.

  • I just purchased this cover a few days ago and I find that the cover does not cause overheating. Most of the time the laptop does not get warm unless I'm watching netflix. When it does get warm much of the heat seems to be blown Up from the hinge area between the screen and the keyboard area.

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