This product uses USB to connect to the computer, our setup below requires the use of a headphone jack.

We have a Mac Pro computer purchased on 12th. April 2009 (W89267582) and a Windows XP Pro PC. These are to both be connected to an NEC LCD3090WQXI 30 in. Monitor using a Gefen 2x1 DVI KVM DL Switcher.

This Switcher will also enable us to utilise our existing USB Mac keyboard with a USB Mac mouse, to access both the Mac Pro computer and the Windows XP Pro PC.

With the use of a Gefen TV Digital to Analog Decoder, the audio from both computers can be switched using output from their headphone jacks.

To accommodate the switching of the Gefen, can the Focal XS Speakers and Subwoofer be connected using the headphone jacks?

Failing this what high end speaker setup would you recommend?

Focal XS Satellite Speakers

Focal XS Satellite Speakers

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    One point to consider - If you use the headphone jack, you will be using your computer's DAC instead of the audiophile-grade DAC built into the subwoofer. Accordingly, It would be best to hook to each computer using USB - perhaps a splitter or some kind of hub will do the trick.

  • You can connect these speakers using either USB or headphone cable - both of which are supplied with these speakers.

    We use this to our advantage at home with our two iMacs - one is connected USB and the other with headphone cable to share the speakers for iTunes.

    The speakers sound awesome - and better still once they have been "run in" for several hours

  • Yes you can connect the XS with the jack or with the USB, both are ok.