The description explicitly state Leopard and Snow Leopard compability. Is Lion not supported?

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    Absolutely! The Time Capsule will definitely work with Lion.

  • Agreed. Apple needs to update this product page to include Lion. I have my 1TB Time Capsule (18 months old) working perfectly with Lion.

  • Lion is supported.

  • Hi,
    what means work ?

    I only know that the search function in Lion only returns a subset of number of files best case, worst case none.

    Example: I have 100 files on time capsule with the word 'sweet' in it.

    If I search for 'sweet' in file name on time capsule, the search returns maximum 10 files, sometimes less.

    Note that the same happens searching inside a mounted drive ; it works fine with a connected USB drive.

    hope this helps