Someone takes my IPhone in Starbucks. I hear the alarm, but the thief is gone. I do not have a computer with me. How does Proximo help?

Kensington Proximo System Starter Kit

Kensington Proximo System Starter Kit

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    I've been using this for about a month now so hopefully I can answer your question.

    This proximo product isn't a recovery's not gps or 'find my iphone.'

    The intent of proximo is to keep you from leaving your phone in a situation where a thief could pick it up in starbucks and walk out the door in the first place. If you're in a situation where you're afraid of this situation, you can adjust the sensitivity of proximo so that it warns you when you get even a few steps from your iphone.

    if a thief does snag it when your back is turned and you're 2 steps away, when the alarm goes off it will go-off on both the iphone (in the theif's possession) and on the Fob/tag (in your possession). I suppose you will know who the theif is because there will be a very loud alarm coming from that person! I don't know how long the alarm stays on...but the theif might feel very uncomfortable with an iphone that doesn't stop alarming and just drop it to get away.

    anyway, I hope this helps. In short, proximo is supposed to keep your phone on or near your person so a thief doesn't walk away with it to begin with.