Pictures taken with Lytro Camera go on my Photo Stream on iCloud?

Lytro Light Field Camera

Lytro Light Field Camera

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    It's not an iOS device so it would not only be surprising for it to post to Photo Stream, if it did it would advertise it well and you would know. It does, however say that it WiFi transfers it's images to it's own app on your iOS device so as long as you do that and export the photos into your camera roll (having used their app to convert it to a format that can be saved to your iOS camera roll prior to export) then you should have no problems with your iOS device automatically uploading all (converted) photos from this thing to Photo Stream. As far as saving the photos in their native format here's what the site says (looks like it has it's own cloud service):

    Share in the moment, wirelessly.
    The free Lytro Mobile App, combined with your camera's built in Wi-Fi capabilities, allows you to upload living pictures directly to your Lytro Web Gallery and Facebook from your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can process your living pictures for Perspective Shift, export to anaglyph red and blue 3D JPG, and save them to your camera roll. Lytro Mobile also lets you share living pictures to Twitter or Facebook, or save them as an animated GIF to send to your friends and family.