Is this cable faster than the old connection?

Is this cable faster than the old connection?

Lightning to USB Cable (1 m)

Lightning to USB Cable (1 m)

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    No, while the name implies a speed change "Lightning" is just the name for the plug it still utilizes USB 2.0 technology.

  • No. It's still USB2, and just connects the wires from the USB port to the right pins on the lightening connector.

  • No, it's the same speed (USB 2.0).

  • iPhone 5 Reviews have said that data transfers are faster vs. an iPhone 4s connected with an older cable. That could be due to the cable, the newer phone (with faster processor) or both.

  • Transfers and syncs are faster. Whether it's the cable or the phone or whatever, it's faster.

  • The question in itself is a bit difficult as the cable is designed for the newer technology (ie the A6 in the iPhone 5, as well as all the upgrades made on the iPod line.) In that regard yes absolutely the newer tech is faster, more durable & far more conveinent.
    Regarding a straight up data transfer comparison, Lightning to USB Cable has the digital edge advantage & would be ahead of the older 30-pin adapter.
    As to how much, there are no spec sheets released on that.

  • Yes, however it is still USB 2.0 based.

  • No since they are both USB 2.0

  • Actually, yes they are, there is a speed test on the two different cables on youtube, for syncing the same device and the lightning cable was just a bit faster by 4 seconds

  • This cable is fully digital so in most cases it is theoretically faster.

  • Apple claims that it will have faster charging. I believe it will. Hence the word "Lightning". Apple doesn't name their stuff without good reason. Because it is a USB 2.0 it may not be "that" fast but it will certainly be faster than the 30-pin dock connectors.