Is there a key board for the I Pad Mini. What size is it?

Apple Wireless Keyboard

Apple Wireless Keyboard

Product No Longer Available

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    Just to clarify, the keyboards from Apple are Bluetooth, not WiFi. The Apple Wireless Keyboard does work with iPad Mini. Hard to get precise dimensions on the net as people report different sizes and don't use metric, which means that they are generally less specific. 15 x 5 inches-ish seems to be about average from what I can see. Now why don't Apple just list the dimensions on the product info page?! Would also be nice if dimensions info posted was in metric!

  • If the iPad Mini is compatible with Wi-Fi, then you can just use any of the wifi keyboards Apple has on sale.

    The Logitech ones however, i'm not so sure on, as they have the magnetic clips, and slots that are designed to accomodate the larger iPads.

    The normal Wireless Keyboard however, should work just fine.