is i bank 4 compatible with australian banks and investments

iBank 4

iBank 4

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    I live in Victoria and have been using iBank successfully for 2 years now. After changing to Mac hardware, I migrated all my Quicken data from my old PC, using CSV files. I cannot perform banking transactions from within iBank, but I can download Streamline and Visa credit card statements directly into IBank. However, my Amex account is fully compatible, and transactions can be handled directly from within iBank. Latest prices for ASX-listed securities with a 3-letter stock/ticker code can be downloaded automatically. I don't think prices for units in unlisted funds - for example in a superannuation fund - can be downloaded or imported yet, but I'm investigating this at the moment. Overall, I'm very happy with iBank. Most things are done as well or better than in Quicken, a few not so well. Most appreciated is the lack of forced software redundancy, annual fees, and charges for downloading ASX securities prices

  • iBank 4 offers a number of things of help to international users, including multi-currency support and "localisation" to French or British English. The same version works on Macs worldwide.

    But few if any Australian banks use the Direct Connect (OFX) downloads protocol common in the U.S. Some institutions around the world offer other compatible web downloads, typically as CSV files - used in spreadsheets such as Numbers or Excel. You can also check to see if your banks make transaction data available in other compatible formats (QIF or QFX).