internet through firewire?

I have a 1 year old macbook pro without thunderbolt. I like the idea of everythjing being plugged into the monitor (drives, ethernet etc) and then only connecting 1 cable to my laptop.

Could i get internet through a firewire cable and also see other harddrives connected to the monitor?

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    You don't have to go to Target mode.

    But you do need another Mac and one hard drive with TWO firewire ports.

    MBP ----- Ext HD ----- 2nd Mac ----- Internet

    Connect MBP to Ext HD with firewire and add firewire service to network service on your MBP.

    Connect 2nd firewire port to 2nd Mac, add firewire service to network service on your 2nd Mac.

    Setup Internet sharing on 2nd Mac (from Ethernet/Airport to Firewire)

    When you take your MBP, there is only one firewire cable to disconnect.

  • Yes,
    If you use your MacBook Pro as the "server" connected to the Internet. you can connect 27" 2011 iMac to your MacBook Pro via a FireWire 800 cable. (assuming your MBP has a FireWire output, I don't own one).By using Target Disk Mode (Hold down the "T" key until you see "spinning gears" on Restart or Start-up).
    Your MBP will appear as a Hard Disk on your 27" display or your 27" iMac can be displayed as a Hard disc on your MBP display.
    Access to all drives.