If I purchase a license will it allow me to use Filemaker Pro on my Laptop and my Desktop alternately? Thanks...

FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced

FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced

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    It is true that a retail FileMaker license allows you to install on two separate computers "for your exclusive use". This means that you can use the license on each machine at different times (or "alternately" to use your term).

    Since you cannot use them both at the same time, this would mean that you are not permitted to share a database from one machine to another with a single license (for example, if you hosted a database and then accessed it from another location on another machine).

  • Yes! The one key can be installed on both of your computers. You can even share the databases you create with computers on your network or instant web publishing (so another user can access your database over the internet). In fact, FileMaker Pro 11 allowed 5 simultaneous users (as long as the host computer was active). Long story short, you will have no problem using the single key on your laptop and desktop.

  • There is a vey REAL impossibility of simultaneously sharing the same file over the same LAN, i.e. Filemaker Network, if one use's identical license keys on the two machines. As said here elsewhere one can alternate use on laptop or desktop or use of different databases locally on the the desktop and on the laptop. But, in the situation of having a associate doing data entry or accessing info from your laptop while you are working on the same DB on your desktop, you will need the second license. The only only single license workaround is the use a USB flash drive to transfer the file or, possibly, to open and close alternatively the same file one machine at a time via a shared Mac folder over a LAN using the Finder.