I have 2 rottweilers and the like to play a lot (biting each other's neck). I wonder if it is resistant to this kind of shock?

Tagg—The Pet Tracker™ by Snaptracs, Inc.

Tagg—The Pet Tracker™ by Snaptracs, Inc.

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    Yes. The tracker is resistant to that kind of shock. The problem you may run into is when your Rottweilers play and start biting each others necks is that they may bite on the tracker and it will detach from the collar. You might look at using harnesses for the tracker.

  • Tagg is designed for the rough and tumble life of a dog. However, for those dogs that play hard, you can also purchase a protective case called the Tagg Guard. It is a neoprene cover that helps keep your tracker clean and secure. You can buy it directly from Tagg.