How well can these speakers travel? They won't get handled too roughly in transit. Does their size make them cumbersome?

Nine out of ten times we would travel by car and not by plane. But because they will be shared among several staffers for client presentations, I need to be confident that the speakers will hold up. We are an ad agency, which creates the need for higher quality speakers versus ones that are smaller (eg iHome iHM79 -- no knock against them because I bought them for myself). Also, these speakers fit my budget.

Creative Labs GigaWorks T20 series II Speaker System

Creative Labs GigaWorks T20 series II Speaker System

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    There are a few cables and power supply, so some assembly is required. Takes about 30 seconds to pack up. The woven glass fiber dome and cloth dome tweeter are going to be extremely delicate and the speaker grill cloth is not going to protect it much. However, the grill cloth has a 1/2" deep plastic surround which will offer some protection.