How easy is it to get the iPhone in and out?

How easy does the iPhone slip in and out of this case?
I've read several reviews from owners of this case saying that with this case attached, the iPhone doesn't fit into the iPhone 4 dock properly, and I would only use it on the days I'm going to work, when all I would ever need is my ID and my EFTPOS card. Other days I would need to carry other cards (loyalty cards, gift cards, membership cards etc) but those 4 days a week I'm at work it would be hand if I can just chuck this on my iPhone and go, and pop it off when I get home, but I wouldn't bother if its a bit of a pain to get on and off regularly.

HEX Solo Wallet Case for iPhone 4S and 4

HEX Solo Wallet Case for iPhone 4S and 4

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    sorry, I don't know why I asnswered it with that.

    But... the quick answer is... At first, it's quite snug. Just give it a bit of a push at the back where the camera is exposed, and that should give it a bit of a boost for the phone to come out. Over time, it will somewhat loosen up to comfort to the iphone as to be not too snug of a fit but just to be a perfect fit. Other people who have handled it for me didn't have any difficulty getting the phone out. It was just probably me thinking I'll damage it if I put any pressure anywhere on the phone to get it out of the case.