How do you select a category for a transaction with no drop down list or printed category list for reference?

iBank 4

iBank 4

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    Easy! Once you tab to (or click on) the category field when entering a transaction, just hit the Up or Down arrow key on your Mac. That brings up a full category list. (You can also add or edit categories and sub-categories.) Similarly, when you're in the date field in iBank, your arrow keys bring up a calendar that you can navigate from the keyboard.

  • If you are in the category field you can press the down arrow on the keyboard to get a list of categories. Also as you type you will get a list category completions for what you have typed. For example if you type "a" you should get a list of all the categories that begin with "a", "Auto", "Auto:Fuel", etc.

    If the category you want is not in the list you can just type the name that you want and iBank will add it when you tab off the field.