how do these headphones sound when it comes to rap music? what about bass heavy tracks? I know these are good for naturalistic sounds. dub step?

Bowers & Wilkins P5 Mobile Headphones

Bowers & Wilkins P5 Mobile Headphones

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    I got a pair of these the other day. First and foremost - my taste is mostly in the sense of Trance, techno, electro, drum n bass, house and some dubstep.

    In terms of sound quality - they are natural and ABSOLUTELY amazing.

    But as a bass heavy type enthusiast - you might be disappointed.

    The P5's weren't really designed to be bass heavy monster crazy headphones, they were designed for an overall exceptional sound.

    Don't let that put you off them, they are immense in terms of sound quality - i notice pieces of instrument like never before and where compression is lacking with these headphones. i'm just telling you what i personally feel as a bass heavy type lover.

    At lower volumes - the bass isn't overwhelming... just balanced.

    At 70-80% the bass comes alive - but not to the extent that the Beats. But with the beats you do lose the immense sound quality.

    In terms of Hip Hop/Rap - i know the bass you want, and they aren't as prominent on these headphones.

    What i will regard as rolling bass is a mass drop and phat bassline - the stuff you find in these songs:

    36 Mafia - late night tip
    Wine O & Paul Wall - Pop my trunk
    DMX - Dogs Out
    50 Cent - Many Men
    Eminem - Under the Influence

    Beats handle the bass response with more punch but that's not what the P5s are for.

    In terms of Dubstep - the bass is better handled because it is fast paced with brilliant kicks and compressed lo dirty synths and bass synths. It worked very well with:

    Avicii - Levels (Skrillex remix)
    Calvin Harris - Flashback (Millions like us remix)
    Rusko - Hold On (Subfocus Remix) <- technically not dubstep.

    Bass is not as immense as the beats - but with that amazing sound quality WHO CARES!!!!!

    Overall - if bass is your thing, these headphones may be a let down... BUT REST ASSURE I AM NOT ONE BIT DISAPPOINTED.

    it's best you go to apple store and really test them out. overall i'm happier with these than with beats. HANDS DOWN

  • These headphones handle bass heavy music quite well, they don't give you the overpowering bass like beats headphones do but they do give a well balanced bass response. If ur a bass lover you'd probably be best to skip these a get one of the more bass enhanced pairs of headphones.