Does this track calories burned in gym activities?

Just wondering if you can use this to track calories burned in a fitness class for example.

UP by Jawbone

UP by Jawbone

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    Yes you can. You can press the button twice quickly to indicate it's recording a workout.

    From Jawbone's FAQ's:
    Will it work if I cycle, do yoga, or other non-step-based workouts?
    The UP app allows you to log the duration and effort level of a variety of different workout types, so you get credit and estimated caloric burn for non-step-based activities. Additionally, the UP band has a Stopwatch mode that lets you "tag" the start and end of your activity Once you've synced your band, you can enter the details of your workout.

  • Yes, though you need to tell it you're about to commence a workout or tell it afterwards between what times you were exercising. You can also choose from a list of activities (such as Yoga, weights, running etc) to better help it estimate your calorie burn.