Does this drive support TRIM on a 2010 15'' MacBook Pro?

512GB Solid-State Drive Kit for Mac Pro

512GB Solid-State Drive Kit for Mac Pro

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    Yep, it will work with ANY Mac Pro. TRIM Supported by default for Apple SSDs, for third-party drives, you need to edit OIAHCIBlockStorage.kext binary. Search the google.

  • OS X 10.6.8 or OS X 10.7 upwards should support TRIM on the APPLE OFFICIAL SSD, for non apple SSD's TRIM is not natively supported

  • I just installed this Apple SSD in a Mid-2009 MacBook Pro. Did a clean install of Lion. And it works like a charm. And yes, TRIM is enabled by default. You don't have to change any settings whatsoever.