Does PowerRack allow organising Apps across devices simultaneously (i.e. 1x Apple ID to ensure consistency between students)

We need our students to access an identical iPad at all times that are not directly associated to themselves. If we teach our students with a specific App, we need each of the iPads to access it during the workshop on the iPads we provide.

  • Asked by Mark L from Perth
  • May 30, 2013
Bretford PowerRack for iPad 2

Bretford PowerRack for iPad 2

Product No Longer Available

1 Answer from the Community

  • All the base does is charge your iPad. It does not hook to a computer to do multiple updates. Even in the description it clearly states you can update via Wi-fi. All the PowerRack does is allow you to charge multiple iPads at one time in one place.

    • Answered by Cierra F from Farmingdale
    • Jun 16, 2013