Does it have on board memory, or does it just stream to your idevice for storage?

Can it be used stand alone?
If you take it in the water, does the phone have to go along too?

Contour+2 Video Camera

Contour+2 Video Camera

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    This camera does not have any onboard storage. All data is saved to a MicroSD card. a 4GB Micro SDHC card is included with this camera.

  • The camera has a microSD card slot.

  • I'm not an expert on this device but it comes with a Micro SD card so I'm thinking it stores the info on the Camera and you upload it later. As for your other questions, yes I believe it could be used alone until you want to see what you've recorded. Also I don't think you'd have to take your phone into the water, because again I am fairly certain it stores the information on the card. Hope this helps!