di i need antvirus

ESET Family Security Pack (for 5 Devices)

ESET Family Security Pack (for 5 Devices)

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  • Hi,

    I run a Mac computer business and I can safely say at this time you DO NOT need antivirus on your Mac. If you choose to run windows on your Mac make sure to not use bootcamp but installed Parralels (best options) or VMFusions (an ok option). On the windows side of your Mac you WILL NEED antivirus. We recommend AVAST for all your antivirus needs.

    Now many of our customers ask "if there are virtually no virus for my Mac would would I even consider protecting it and are all the companies ripping people off selling apple antivirus?" The answer is that you Mac can have a virus on it that doesn't affect it or put you at risk in the slightest HOWEVER if you share a file with a windows user you can infect them. It also can provide peace of mind if your worried just having it there.

    Avoid the big ones such as norton, Macafe, Kapetski (May have spelt that incorrectly) as they tend to slow down your machine a lot. Avast has 25 years of protection and seems to not slow down a Mac or windows machine at all. I hope this helps everyone who is asking this question out.