can you still use the trackpad itself? like once you apple the film is it still a smooth surface where you can still use it as a trackpad?

Mobee Magic Numpad for Apple Magic Trackpad

Mobee Magic Numpad for Apple Magic Trackpad

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    That "easily switch" thing is no longer current. The Mobee software only switches to trackpad mode - it won't go back to numpad (although you can use F6 on the keyboard). I use BetterTouchTool to toggle between trackpad and numpad modes - among many other gestures I have assigned to it (and also to my Magic Mouse and the keyboard - it's magnificent).

    But the answer is yes, the Apple commands are active even when you have numpad mode turned on. The reason is that you have to tap and immediately release a number on the 10-key for it to interpret it as a numeric entry.

    However, you'll probably want to use the mode in which just under half the trackpad is a regular mouse area if you're going to use the trackpad normally. Note that it doesn't matter which of the three overlays you put on the trackpad - the mode is switched in the Mobee software.

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    Easily switch between Trackpad and Numpad modes in your choice of three ways: tap or click on the upper right button; use the F6 function key; or use the Software menu.