Can you get the same nike+ website/workout tracking on the 5G nano without the adapter (white piece)?

Seems that many people have asked this question or at least a similar one but I've seen three answers; yes, no and perhaps.

I have a 4G nano now and thus must use both the adapter (the white thing that plugs in to your ipod) and the sensor (the one that goes in your shoe). I know you need the sensor regardless of which ipod you have. My question is twofold.

First, with the 5G nano, do I need to use the adapter to get my workouts recorded using the nike+ software or can the nano "talk" directly to the sensor? (Not looking for just the pedometer.)

Second, if I don't need the adapter, is the nike+ website tracking and all of that stuff the same as with the adapter. In other words, I like using the nike+ software and like the fact that it will track my workouts over time and that I can set goals so I want to keep that aspect of the training tool. Basically, if the "perhaps" answer to this question that I saw means that you don't get the full use of the software side of things without the adapter then I'll continue to use it.

Nike + iPod Sensor

Nike + iPod Sensor

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