Can I use the Bose computer monitor speakers with a television as well as my MacBook Pro

Bose® Computer MusicMonitor®

Bose® Computer MusicMonitor®

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    Yes, but it depends on what television [device] you have or get.

    1st/ the Bose speakers use a stereo 3.5mm mini-jack so unless your TV monitor has a mini-jack you'll need some sort of adaptor. Most TV's have RCA connectors for audio and you should be able to find either online or a specialist electronic goods store that stock an adaptor that has two [male] RCA connectors [usually one red, one black] cabled to a stereo 3.5 mini jack socket [female].

    2nd/ You'll find most "Televisions" ie combined screen [monitor] & tuners [the bit that receives and decodes the broadcasted TV signal] have speakers built in to them so there's not going to be a huge benefit to running your Bose monitors with this kind of TV except a possible increase in sound quality if the TV speakers are really rubbish.

    3rd/ Some older TV's don't have any audio output connectors to connect your external speakers to.

    Tip: It's best to NOT use the headphone socket to run your Bose units because the power output is much greater than the level that the Bose are designed for and you'll usually you'll get a more distorted sound even if you turn down the headphone socket's level.