Can I take smart cover on plane?

My friend in US told me that airport not allow any magnet (iPad smart cover) load in luggage, not sure in backpack onboard.

iPad Smart Cover Leather

iPad Smart Cover Leather

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    I've flown frequently with the iPad2 (on-board, not checked luggage). No problems whatsoever.

  • Yes, I have flown a few times too with the smart cover. No problems!

  • I'm not too sure on this, but my best guess is that it would be allowed. Since the iPad 2 itself has a magnet, that would mean it wouldn't be allowed too (which it is). So my best guess is yes. If you want a definite answer, I'd suggest calling your airline.

  • I think so. Because I brought an iPad 1 with case that has magnet and it is allowed. so I guess there's no issue with bringing the Smart Cover onboard.

  • 4 flights to and from Hawaii, airport security does not even want you to take the iPad out of your backpack. Laptops must still be placed in a separate plastic tub.