Are all 30 pins connected directly thru the to allow Dock to VGA Adaptor for viewing 720p home video from docked iPhone4

Are all 30 pins connected directly thru the dock, thus allowing the optional accessory VGA adaptor to function correctly?
The reason I ask is that analog stereo audio [L&R+Gnd] is certainly broken out via the 3.5mm jack on the dock. [So possibly at least the analog audio pins are not connected directly - but those connections may be duplicated]

However my question refers specifically to Video Graphics Array. Has anyone used the dock and VGA adaptor to view 720p home video in this way?

Apple iPhone 4 Dock

Apple iPhone 4 Dock

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  • All 30 pins are not passed through this dock. At least 3 signals are not passed through. Analog stereo (L+R) is not passed through to the dock connector, it is intercepted for the 3.5mm jack and does not exist on the dock connector. The same goes for composite video.

    I think the VGA adapter uses the composite video (along with the two S-video lines) to output the three separate video lines (much the same way the component video cable did), so it would be missing at least part of the signal, if not all.

    I didn't use the VGA adapter but I do know that the composite video cable will not work when attached to the dock. The cable works fine attached to the bottom of the iPhone 4.