Airport Extreme + BT Broadband

hey guys, quick question.

i recently got a replacement BT Home Hub 3, and it has since botched my home share between itunes/ipad/iphone/atv - i know this isnt a fault of the computer as the homeshare works fine on another router, so the aim is to add an airport extreme into the mix! but heres the issue...

i live in the back end of nowhere with no more than a bad ADSL signal, so no BT Infinity modem for the WAN port. i dont wish to fork out for a 3rd party ADSL modem, so the question is, is it possible to hook up the HH3 to the AE as a modem? Does anybody know if this is possible? or have any experience with it? or know what settings i'd have to change and where, and on which hardware?

cheers folks

  • Asked by Craig T
  • Jul 4, 2012
QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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