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    All of these battery manufacturers are shooting themselves in the foot for NOT putting lightning connectors on their product. This one like every other one out there uses micro USB, and that is UNACCEPTABLE. I've owned products that use it, and it is probably the worst connector made in the last 15 years. I'd gladly pay $50 more for a product that has it because lightning is far superior to anything else on the market, and I don't want to have to carry a different cable when I have all of these lightning cords, charges, etcetera that I love- and they don't break within the first two weeks like these micro USB... I just want to hang my head thinking I'm the only one who cares about this...

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  • You know the only thing worse than a lightning port on the bottom of your iPhone's battery case? Anything else. That's because if it's a mini or micro USB connector, it's just one more cable to juggle and forget or lose. And it also means you will have to remove the iPhone from the case every time you want to charge it if you don't have the micro Usb cable and power adapter handy. I have dozens of lightning cables. They are cheap (about $2 on Amazon). My wife never charges her battery case because it requires a different setup than there lightning sync/charging cable and now she has lost the bottom part of her battery case (it was an expensive Mophie) because of the constant on and off of the case. Why won't any of these accessory makers put a lightning port on the bottom? We already have our lightning cables so as far as I'm concerned, any different cable is just as proprietary and annoying because the best cable is always the one we have with us.

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  • No it doesn't

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  • Externally, it does not, it is micro usb, which is the most widely used for mobile device connecters today, and is much more reliable than the lightning connector. Idk what this other guy is thinking when he says that manufacturers are shooting themselves in the foot by not using the lightning connector. Apple's lighting connecter took a lot of criticism, and still does with the lightning cable. By using micro usb, the case can be used with ANY micro usb cable (which again, highest market share). Manufactures are economizing on the switching costs that consumers forego versus if the case were to use only the lighting connector (which is better for the consumer anyway).

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  • Yes it does Scott, if you look at the 5th picture it shows the top and bottom of the product. You can clearly see another lightning socket. This would work in an aftermarket dock such as the belkin charge+ sync dock but not in the iPhone 5 dock. Hope This helps

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