Aperture Maintenance Licenses: 20+ Seats (price is per seat)

Aperture Maintenance Licenses: 20+ Seats (price is per seat)

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    Aperture Maintenance is a three-year subscription entitling customers to every major release of Aperture delivered during the contract term. Customers must be licensed for the current version of Aperture in order to purchase Aperture Maintenance. The maximum order quantity is limited to the number of systems owned by the customer that are licensed for the current version of Aperture.

    Major upgrade releases of Aperture will be provided via content codes redeemable on the Mac App Store. To redeem your software, your employees or authorized users will need to sign in with an Apple ID and password provided by your organization, company, or institution. Your use of the content codes and the redeemed software is subject to the terms and conditions applicable to the Mac App Store (http://www.apple.com/legal/itunes/ww/) and the applicable license agreement(s).

    Your Aperture Maintenance agreement is valid for three years from the time of purchase. Aperture Maintenance requires full payment in advance for all three years.

    Aperture Maintenance is available at a minimum order quantity of 20 licenses. For more details, please contact the Apple Store at 800-854-3680.

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    • UPC or EAN No.: D6006Z/A

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