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Get the most out of your iPad.

  • Map your photos.

    View the locations of your pictures on a map by tapping the location heading under Years, Collections, or Moments in the Photos app.

  • Highlight text in iBooks.

    Swipe your finger to select a passage, choose a color, then see all your highlights organized in the table of contents.

  • See all your open web pages.

    Tap the tab icon in Safari to get a bird’s-eye view, with tabs from the same website grouped together.

  • Split your keyboard.

    If it’s easier to type like you text, hold down the Keyboard key or pull the keyboard apart with your thumbs to slide each half to the side of the screen.

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iPad lets you deliver high-impact presentations in any situation, whether you’re presenting to a small sales meeting or a large audience.

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Learn how to use iPad to create invoices, close deals on the spot, and collect payments or reconcile bank transactions anywhere.

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iPad is changing the way companies see mobile devices for work. Learn how businesses are using mission-critical apps to help improve productivity.

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